Protecting Our Land Recording System

A group of foreclosure fraud activists has been working very hard to prepare a template letter for our register of deeds. We couldn’t decide between two versions that we came up with and I’m posting both and you can decide which one to use.
If you are not familiar with mortgage/foreclosure fraud and how this is affecting our country’s land recording system, please visit my page about:
MA Southern Essex County Register of Deeds – John O’Brien


1.  Call the customer service telephone number for your Register of Deeds or the County Recorder’s office (some states have different office names/who want the office where  your mortgage or deed of trust is recorded in your county)
2. Give them your address and ask if you are speaking to the correct office for your particular address.
3. Ask Customer Service to provide you with the proper mailing address and name of either your Register of Deeds or County Recorder or Registrar.
4. Put that same mailing information on the envelope and the letter (as noted in the draft letter) and also on the certified mail label. Peel the sticky numbered certified mail sticker off and place it on the top right corner of your letter. Peel the other half of the certified mail sticker and place it above the mailing address in the center.
5. Put your specific name and home address on the envelope and letter (as noted in the draft letter)
6. Make a copy and place it in the envelope.  Keep the original for yourself.
7. Go to the post office and tell them you want to send the envelope “certified mail” no return receipt. (the post office will give you back the receipt after they stamp it paid). In about 5-10 days go to!input.action type in the certified mail number you put on top of the letter (which is the same as the one on your receipt) and print out the page showing it was delivered.  The cost is under $4.00.
(It is best to send the letter certified mail/if you can’t, then send the letter out by fax or email, then print out the fax transmission or cc. a copy to yourself via email and then print the page.  If you email or fax the letter then disregard #6 above.)
8. Follow up after two weeks with your Register of Deeds to see if they have received your letter and which steps they are planning to take – be persistent while being polite!

Please chose between these two versions:



2 responses

14 02 2014
Brenda Barnes (@smgreenbrenda)

Letter 1 opened (and is great!), but Letter 2 keeps saying it cannot be opened.

15 02 2014

Brenda, the issue has been fixed – both letters are available now.

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