Is this still the land of the free?

January 29, 2014

I’m just looking at fb posts from one of many homeowners who are about to be evicted from their homes (Maine)…she got a 48h notice and she’s posting online her life – trying to sell as many things as she can before her family with a disabled husband and three kids moves out… If you don’t realize it yet – this is our country slipping away from us while the majority is still either asleep, hopeless, or just frozen while trying to… comprehend what’s happening around them.

The banks under, our government’s watch, are eroding everything that this country was about – the American dream is gone, the trust in the complete system as well: financial, executive, judicial is almost completely gone… Where are we to go from here? The first step would be to wake up and take action – if you see that your neighbor is facing foreclosure – talk to them, ask questions, organize your neighbors, contact your sheriff’s office together, just don’t sit still. If you don’t, trust me – tomorrow it will be your sister, cousin, mother, maybe even you, and maybe nobody will be there to help you out…

* * *

May 30, 2013

This used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave…but we’re no longer free….how can we be free when our freedom to speak the truth, to stand up for truth has been taken away together with our homes? We’re still brave…we’re still talking about this surreal epidemic that is spreading around our country faster than many could have imagined.

This week was really hard…the Murray family is facing the streets and real homelessness after the banksters stole their home a few weeks ago… Then, today, Harolyn has been evicted after fighting so long for her home. Harolyn went to DC a week ago to protest the luck of criminal prosecutions for the too big to fail…and today Harolyn is homeless…

Harolyn suffered brain injury during an accident and is now permanent disabled Wells Fargo foreclosed on property after refusing to give her a loan modification. Sold her home to an investor… Harolyn lost over $300,000 in equity when WF wrongfully foreclosed on her. She was given a predotory loan from the beginning and has been taken advantage to the end.

These in power don’t have any interest in the citizens of this country…their only goal is to keep the bankers untouched…they have never heard of karma…and as we know, karma is a bitch…

People in this country were brought up to believe that their judicial system is the best in the world, that they can speak up about any injustice, that criminals will be named and prosecuted….and then something along the way changed…something that is still invisible for many…this change not only crushed the American dream, but brought down the complete system of beliefs…and once you stop believing that you’re protected in your own country…everything else starts slowly melting around you, like snow in the spring.

How could you explain to your kids that the existing laws are not protecting your family, that your government is not yours since they silently watch while their citizens are becoming homeless and the criminals/bankers/foreclosure mills are stealing their property, their land, their past and their future…


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