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Many of you want to join and asking how to help – share the info, volunteer to tell your story, organize a presentation in your local library….there are many ways to spread the message about the biggest ponzi scheme that is taking away your homes, your retirement plans, your life savings; but the most important thing is to stay connected and try to help each other!

The foundation of America is being eroded every day…Thousands are losing their homes through fraudulent foreclosures with no one to turn too.  Those who are not directly affected by this are too busy and don’t have time to stop and take a closer look. There may be many reasons for that – scores of people are trying to survive;  the lucky ones that still haven’t lost their homes have to work sometimes more than one job to just keep their head above the water. Also, there are still people out there who are blaming the victims; but, if I were to show you that your mortgage is fraudulent and your servicer is not the one that owns your mortgage, would you still continue to pay? If you say yes, then for me you are a fool, and you are the biggest part of the problem. You are closing your eyes to the fraud in front of you – you choose to live a lie, instead to stand up and demand the answers.

We should all stop and think about the facts in front of us and ask ourselves – How with a clear conscience can we let this continue?



* * *

Sunday, March 2nd at 10:00am PST/1:00pm ESTstudio number to call in or to listen via phone: (646) 716-5461–lets-face-them-together

Don’t Turn Away From The Banksters’ Crimes – Let’s Face Them Together!

Scott Stafne, Esq. (WA) – will join me to discuss his law firm’s recent victory in Washington state: Judge George N. Bowden of the Superior Court in Washington State ruled against Bank of America (BoA) in a foreclosure battle that ended with the nonjudicial foreclosure sale under the Deed of Trust Act (DTA). The sale was deemed void, and the court is setting the foreclosure aside.
Here is the link for more info on this case:

Joseph Stevens (FL) – to discuss David J. Stern, TB&W and DOCX and the finalization of David’s disbarment. At the time that he was shut down, David Stern had over 100K open cases not including the homes he had already stolen. However, Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi, has decided not to pursue Sterns for damages OR consider dismissing any of the Existing 100K cases because of fraudulent evidence.

Ronald O’Donnell (CA) – California State Senate candidate: District 23 Candidate Special Election March 25, 2014 (Portions of Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties) – Expose Bank Fraud!

Doug Boggs (CA) – We will continue our discussion about the process of intention and manifestation, the art of breathing, techniques that help you stay strong and positive when the world outside seems to be tearing at you.

* * *

Sunday, February 9, 2014 – Is Our Country Becoming a Crime Scene?! Who is in Bed with Wall Street?

11:00 am EST: John O’Brien, MA Southern Essex District Register of Deeds and his First Assistant Kevin Harvey – to discuss the impact of foreclosure fraud on our county records.
Register O’Brien:”People need to know that this is not a Democrat or Republican issue! It is an American issue; one that strikes at the very backbone of our country – people’s property rights; and to make deals and turn a blind eye to fraud is awful!”

12:00 pm EST: Larry Doyle, a Wall Street veteran, and an author of the recently published book, “In Bed with Wall Street”Larry:”This revolving door and the corruption that goes along with it is one of the only — if not the only — issues that the overwhelming percentage of people in our nation both understand and agree on as being a HUGE problem.”

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Foreclosure Fraud Bills – Join our discussion:
CALL-IN Studio number: (646) 716-5461

Grace Ross (MA) – Coordinator at Mass Alliance Against Predatory Lending will discuss a bill that has been unanimously approved by the Massachusetts Senate (Bill S.1987) – a bill that would restore the titles of foreclosed properties to homeowners. Grace said the following about this bill: “This does NOT fix titles for those foreclosed. It wipes out the “former” owner’s claims if you don’t file your suit & a copy in the Registry in 1 to 3 years so the next owner keeps the home no matter what you can prove later”
We will also discuss some break through information on wider foreclosure issues.

*An invitation to Senator Michael O. Moore, a sponsor of this bill, to appear on this program, has also been extended.

* * *

Robert Tuna Townsend (NV) – a homeowner and a foreclosure fraud activist – we’ll continue our discussion from last Sunday how losing in district court can be a very good thing. Also, we will talk about the mortgage moratorium or strike option.

* * *

November 24, 2013

Please join us for the second interview with Walt Bergen titled The Bubble.
Walter:”Few people understand how Wall Street created the housing bubble which ultimately burst in Sept. 2008.  It’s not that hard to understand if it is explained step by step in plain simple English which is what I try to do.  Since Wall Street was basically deregulated, they were free to come up scheme or scam that would line their pockets.

For many years from the 1940’s to the 1980s, banks lent money to people buying homes and kept the mortgages on their own books, this was known as “originate to hold”.  In the 1980’s a new phenomenon appeared called:  “originate to sell”.  Mortgage quality began to deteriorate because all the parties in the mortgage chain were getting their fees up front and could care less what happened after that.”

*Joel Sucher (Pacific Street Films) will also join our discussion.

* * *


October 6, 2013

Dave Krieger – the author of the “Clouded Titles” will join me to discuss his book and the consequences that clouded titles have on our country’s land recording system.

An excerpt from the book:”In 1998, a little-known Delaware entity began to creep silently into the county courthouses and recorder’s offices of America, dumping its very carefully-crafted documents into the official repositories, leaving not only just a mere token of its affection in the way of recordation fees but also setting the trap for a complete collapse of the nation’s legal control over property ownership and putting it in the hands of the corporate few. Over the course of 12+ years, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS) has thoroughly unleashed a confusing mess of concealed electronic data, supplied by virtually all of the major players in the American financial arena.

* * *
September 29, 2013

My dear friend and our fellow foreclosure fraud fighter – Lainey Hashorva – will co-hosted this episode with me and we talked about how this prolonged mortage/foreclosure fraud fight is negatively affecting our daily lives, our relationships and eroding the life that we used to know…but it doesn’t have to be that way, we can stop this fast ride and turn things around.

and Lainey’s mom – Susan Sachs Myerson also joined us to discuss how Lainey’s foreclosure fraud fight is affecting their lives and explain to all of us why she was crying for her America the first time I met her…

* * *

September 9, 2013

David Snieckus (MA) – to discuss his draft of House bill 938 – the “Jubilee Act for Responsible Lending and Debt Cancellation of 2013” and also his petition for the Moratorium on Foreclosures in MA.

Chris Wyatt (TX) – to discuss the importance of his petition to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: “As we all know, the OCC and the Federal Reserve issued Consent Decrees to many banks and mortgage loan servicers as a result of the foreclosure and robo-signing scandals that erupted in 2010.” Joel Sucher (Pacific Street Films) will join the discussion.

Michelle Darnell (WA) – to discuss a model that could be followed elsewhere in bringing down the cost of litigation, increase exposure, and increase efficiency. Michelle will also talk about her vision for creating an organization that would facilitate awareness, education, unity and action in regards to our foreclosure fraud fight.

* * *

July 14, 2013 – Your Mortgage Diagnosis – Terminal Case of MERS: Part II–terminal-case-of-mers-part-ii-1

Attorney Robert Janes (the author of Fighting the Foreclosure Fraud Machine and ShellGame-MERS: Contrived Confusion) – will discuss the following: how to explain to the judge that the physical note, not a copy, has to be produced when the opponent claims to have it; how to help the judge see that the law requires both possession of the original and proof of entitlement to enforce; how to challenge the presumption that physical possession means right to enforce the mortgage obligation.


Attorney Robert Janes:”One of the callers, Deby, spoke about a fact pattern I hadn’t heard of before.  She mentioned a lender that was not legally organized and in violation of the local mortgage brokerage licensing requirements.  Her scenario included that the licensing violation voided the loan and relieved her of loan repayment.
A negotiable instrument is defined by content that is apparent on the face of the instrument.  Information about the legality of the lender that isn’t apparent by looking at the face of the instrument isn’t part of the test.  A transferee has no duty to investigate all things that might invalidate the enforcement of the Note.  The mere appearance of correctness is enough for the instrument to become a negotiable instrument.  If it gets into the commerce stream, a transferee may some day show up demanding payment.  A basic holder, as contrasted with a holder in due course, that is entitled to enforce the Note per UCC 3-301 is subject to all claims Deby could make against the lender.  Her illegality arguments should definitely work against a holder.
If the state law makes the loan unenforceable because the lender was not properly organized or licensed, that fact when proven to the judge should be a great defense against both a holder and a holder in due course, thus protecting Debbie from whoever is demanding payment.
A holder in due course (UCC 3-302) is not protected from every kind of claim the borrower could make against the lender.  The holder in due course is protected from exposure to most of those claims, but the UCC carves out defenses the the obligor can make against the lender which can also be made against the holder in due course.
UCC 3-305(b)  makes a holder in due course subject to the defenses under 3-305(a)(1)3-305(a)(1)(ii) lists the defense of “…illegality of the transaction which. under other law, nullifies the obligation of the obligor.”   Because, under Debbie’s scenario the loan was void and unenforceable under state law, the transferee of the Note that now claims the right to enforce it is also out of luck, or should be based on this part of the UCC.
The UCC would apply when the Note didn’t evidence a illegality problem without looking outside the Note.  There is also the part of the UCC that addresses the unique circumstance in which Deby can find herself.  The foreclosure machine would not point out this part of the UCC for the judge and if Deby can’t talk UCC, she risks losing the fight if the judge thinks the Note looks like a regular negotiable instrument.
As always, I recommend that anyone in Deby’s situation still contest the opponent’s right to enforce the Note, separate from what looks like a good defense.  There are many ways an opponent can’t prove that it passes the UCC test of having holder status.  If it fails the basic test, it loses without need of the judge understanding or accepting the illegality argument Deby describes.  The machine frequently can’t pass the UCC test, so I urge people to make that stand regardless how good they think other defenses are.  I’ve seen too many cases in which the borrower had so much coincidence in one theory of defense that they forgot to challenge the opponent’s right to enforce the Note, and forgot to require the opponent to produced evidence supporting its alleged holder or holder in due course status. “

* * *

July 13, 2013 – HOPE for Justice is Our Only Weapon

Attorney Danielle Joyner Kelley (FL) – will discuss the following:
Fannie Mae’s HAMP modifications (failures); A complaint to the Florida AG’s Office and the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau after the BOA affidavits became known; FL Foreclosure Law (recently signed)

Sherry Hernandez (CA) will call in to give us an update on her foreclosure case and also to discuss foreclosure moratorium possibility…She’ll be calling from BofA protest

Shannon Keenan (FL) – a homeowner from FL will share his family’s foreclosure/modification horror story, all 15 of them, with BofA and then now 3 modification requests with Ocwen!

* * *

June 30, 2013 – You Can Write Off Our Homes, But We’re Still Here!

Danielle Joyner Kelley: An attorney from FL who is fighting her own foreclosure case and also assisting homeowners who are facing foreclosures, evictions.  Attorney Kelley testified before the House Committee against Florida House Bill 87 which has since passed and been signed into law.
She also said: ”Don’t discount these foreclosure victims, you can write off their home with a foreclosure judgment but they are still there, as are their stories, and they will be told.”

Darrell and Jennifer Neilander (CT) are fighting the servicers SLS and the alleged fake creditors pro se in Federal Court under the FDCPA statues charging that these servicers and creditors are 3rd party debt collectors. They are the only Plaintiffs in Federal Court in Connecticut challenging these entities.

* * *

June 29, 2013 – We’re Living in a Foreclosure Fraud World

Mary McCulley (MT) – Here is only the beginning of Mary’s story: “My loan is the poster child for a predatory bait & switch scenario handled at American Land Title Company in Bozeman, Montana. US Bank sent me a 30 year TILA and Good Faith Estimate for a residential loan. They switched the loan to an 18 month high interest commercial construction loan at closing. “

Attorney Vanessa Fluker (MI)  – will discuss current foreclosures and judicial system in Michigan. Attorney Fluker is currently assisting the Awad family post the entry of an eviction order by attempting to negotiate with Fannie Mae on their behalf.  The Awad family faces an unjust eviction by Fannie Mae after Monday, July 1, 2013.

* * *

June 23, 2013 – Can You Break an Already Broken Law?

“Yes, but laws made by men, under a government of men, interpreted by men and for the benefit of men. The only chance women have for justice in this country is to violate the law, as I have done, and as I shall continue to do,”
– these words were uttered by Susan B. Anthony, found guilty of the federal crime of voting without the right to vote, on June 19, 1873.

What else is left to us once we’re fraudulently evicted from our homes while the bankers’ fraud is being uncovered every single day? Listen to Toni Fruman’s (GA) story – she reoccupied her home on June 10th, after being evicted on May 7, 2013.

Pam Ragland (CA): A single mom with two kids (6&7) talked on our program about her fight with US Bank and how she won a landmark appeal after being evicted from her home on May 19th –  She’ll be back to give us an update on her case:

* * *

June 16, 2013 – Your Mortgage Diagnosis – Terminal Case of MERS–terminal-case-of-mers

Attorney Robert Janes – will discuss predatory lending, wrongful foreclosure, and inflated mortgage debt due to the mortgage finance industry’s practices in residential markets; and of course his two books:
“Fighting the Foreclosure Fraud Machine” and ShellGame-MERS: Contrived Confusion.

Lainey Hashorva (CA) – Will talk about discussions that are taking place between her and the National Mortgage Settlement Monitor Joseph Smith and also about her current situation with Wells Fargo.

* * *

June 15, 2013 – The Covington 7Taking Foreclosure Fraud Fight to Washington, DC

On May 22, seven brave women – six of them grandmothers and all victims of the foreclosure crisis – conducted a peaceful sit-in at the entrance to the office of the Covington & Burling law firm, one of the major representatives of Wall Street banks in Washington, DC.

The Covington law firm represents mega-banks like JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America and maintains a “revolving door” with the government officials who are supposed to hold Wall Street accountable.

* * *

June 9, 2013 – Have We Had Enough?

1:15pm – Anita Reyes (MN)  – wrongfuly evicted from her home in December…Now homeless, but still standing strong, and fighting every day to expose this fraud and help others who are facing the same situation…

1:30pm – Carl Gibson (WI) –  is the founder of Gibson Group LLC, a consulting firm specializing in messaging, community organizing, and creative direct action that links progressive elected officials and causes with social movements to bring about progressive change:

He also writes for The Huffington Post and the Reader Supported News. We will talk about his recent interview with Matt Taibbi at the Public Banking Conference.

2:00pm – Matt Murray (MI) – his family was also wrongfully evicted a few weeks ago – and here is Matt’s message to us: “I’m of the mind that when we experience something horrible, we take that horrible thing and transform it to a positive thing by becoming one of those people who make a difference. Will you join us?”

2:15pm – Salvannah Phillips (FL) – Started her foreclosure fraud journey in 2009 with Countrywide. She was current on her mortgage at the time but was told by the bank’s representative to miss three payments in order to get qualified for a modification….and the rest is history, as we all know…

* * *

June 2, 2013 – This Country is in the Midst of Foreclosure Tsunami

Jylly J. (NJ) – a woman warrior who used to be a corporate bond trader on Wall Street for 15 years – now she’s fighting her own foreclosure and also a displacement caused by hurricane Sandy…She will talk about something we are all familiar with – feeling ashamed at the beginning, alone and depressed…and the decision to stand up and fight!
* * *

May 26, 2013 – Banks & Foreclosure Fraud vs. U.S. Constitution

Sheryl Sutter (MI) – seven years in litigation and in her own words:”I have decided, that these years of hell have taught me many lessons, but the biggest lesson I learned was that I was not alone. I have chosen to become an advocate because I understand the frustration and utter disbelief that these people are going through and I know what type of soul searching one has to do when dragged into such a horrid situation.  In my fifty-two years, I have gained many skills and am willing to call each and every one of them up in order to make this work.  No one in this country should have ever been subjected to what the victims of mortgage fraud have been put through by the banks, their attorney or the judicial system.  I, as one person, cannot change it; but I, as part of a group, can.”

Scott Stafne, Esq. (WA) – is challenging the constitutionality of non-judicial foreclosure process.

Attorney Stafne said:”Today’s world is designed to enslave us all with debt that never can be paid. Starting with loans for family homes, then student loans… The greed does not stop. And those that govern us do not protect us as we continue to die homeless and alone… and they make all of the non-privileged their slaves for a pittance.

They are willing to put us all in jail for demonstrating against the power of the bankers which control the government. In a just world for each righteous person arrested two wrongdoers, i.e. a banker and his enabler, ie. politician, would be killed or imprisoned.”

* * *
May 25, 2013 – Homeowners vs. Eric Holder & the Bankers

After many years of fighting the bankers’ fraud, Sherry Hernandez finally took her fight for justice to Washington, DC. She went together with hundreds of other homeowners to start a week of action in front of the Justice Department asking Eric Holder to arrest the bankers who  decreased/destroyed our pension plans, cities’ budgets, played monopoly game with our lives, and then when they couldn’t loot anymore – we bailed them out…so that they can start it all over again….

* * *

May 19, 2013 – What do We Do When the Banks Attack?! Stand Up and Fight Back!

Pam Ragland (CA): A single mom with two kids (6&7) will talk about her fight with US Bank, how she won a landmark appeal after being evicted from her home, and how this fight is affecting her kids’ lives, especially her autistic son.

Karen Rozier (CA) will be back to give us an update on her case – a great news is that her sale has been canceled!

Michelle Darnell and attorney Scott Stafne (WA) are back on the program to discuss the latest news on his foreclosure defense strategy. Attorney Stafne said:”The banks understand… They are violating basic constitutional rights… Don’t let them violate yours. In both Washington and and Colorado Banks have seen the specter of the state and or United States constitutions undoing many of the foreclosures they have already criminally completed.

* * *

May 18, 2013 – We’re All Murrays Now!

The Murray family (Codlwater, MI) were evicted on Tuesday – but their fight for justice is not over yet. Join us to hear their story and to show your support!

Since the making of this video, the Murray famiy were evicted 5-14-13. WE CAN STILL HELP THEM!!

* * *

May 12, 2013 – Inside Mortgage Modification = Foreclosure Hell

In this episode Kevin Muniz (NJ) will tell us how his struggle for a mortage modification has impacted his family and particularly his elderly, sick mother. She spent her last days worrying and stressing about the outcome of that struggle. As Kevin pointed out:”At least I was able to keep the roof over her head while she was alive…”

Matt Murray (MN) will also call in during today’s program! Their eviction has been scheduled for yesterday, but due to an amazing support and direct actions they’re still at their home!

Jeffery Noice (FL) will tell us how it’s possible to survive when your house depreciates from $275K to $95K and when his modification turned into fraudulent foreclosure and his letter to Pam Bondi, FL Attorney General produced an answer from BofA, and not from her office.

* * *

May 5, 2013 – PART II

Karen Rozier will continue her story at 1:00 pm EST –
how and why the bank’s lawyer requested and succeeded in getting a restraining order against her with only goal to take away Karen’s gun…

Here is the beginning of her story:“My husband built our entire home from foundation to finish with no outside labor. Our home is over 4,200 square feet, and has been since 2000. When US Bank went for Relief from Stay, they filed a false Broker’s Price Opinion claiming our home was only 2,096 square feet and underwater. The Judge — the former head of Bank of America’s Bankruptcy Department —  ruled in their favor despite appraisals and the tax records, which reflects the true size.

You can read the complete story written by Clinton Kirby:

* * *

May 4, 2013–big-impact-part-ii-1

Little Voices Big Impact – They’re Not Alone Part II

Pam Ragland (CA) – will tell her kids story, especially their son whose Autism came out due to their foreclosure!  He even wanted to die as age 7. And guess what? US Bank knows this & could care less! Pam just released her CD for autistic kids which is the good side of this.  … And April is Autism awareness month.

Vicky Smith-Marler (WA), Saving my Home in FL, will also tell us how this foreclosure fight impacts their children’s every day lives.
At 2:00 pm EST Maureen Nightingale (OH) will discuss and share her family’s foreclosure story – she also has an autistic son and their home was set for auction three times…

* * *

April 28, 2013–big-impact–theyre-not-alone, 2013

Do you know, do you want to know what’s happening in our country – millions of children are either losing their homes to foreclosure or they’re living in fear of losing it to foreclosure (most of the time fraudulent foreclosure) in the near future. These are invisible victims, invisible to everyone but their families…these little souls very often don’t understand what’s happening and their reactions and questions depend on their ages. Let’s give them a voice…let’s hear how this crisis is affecting them and what we can do to help…

Lejla (my daughter, 19y old) will tell us how the last two and a half years have changed her life and have opened up her eyes to real life…
Katherine D. (LA), Maegan D. (CA), Maureen N. (OH) will tell us how this foreclosure fight impacts their children’s every day lives.

Then, at 2:00 pm EST Michelle Weaver-White (MI) will share her foreclosure story – she has an affidavit from Register John O’Brien confirming that her mortgage documents have fraudulent/robosigned signatures….but nevertheless her foreclosure sale has been scheduled for next month…
Fraud or no fraud – the sale must go on!

* * *

April 20, 2013

Join us to hear Karen Rozier’s story – here is the beginning: “My husband built our entire home from foundation to finish with no outside labor. Our home is over 4,200 square feet, and has been since 2000. When US Bank went for Relief from Stay, they filed a false Broker’s Price Opinion claiming our home was only 2,096 square feet and underwater. The Judge — the former head of Bank of America’s Bankruptcy Department —  ruled in their favor despite appraisals and the tax records, which reflects the true size.

You can read the complete story written by Clinton Kirby:

Also, Sherry Hernandez and Maegan Donovan-Nikolic will call in to give us an update on Harolyn Rhue’s eviction process…

* * *

April 14, 2013–the-time-is-running-out-for-harolyn

1:00 pm EST – Harolyn Rhue’s story – Wells Fargo is wrongfully evicting Ms. Harolyn Rhue, a disabled, elderly woman, who suffers from substantial head trauma. On January 4th 2013, Ms. Rhue filed a formal complaint with H.U.D. for discriminatory housing practices by her lender Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

AND NOW, After so many years of fighting, Harolyn received her sheriffs notice to vacate and her lock out date is set for Monday, April 15th at 12:01 am.

2:00 pm EST – Maegan Donovan Nikolic has that as she said “No Way!” story – a story that can prove once again that these banks/servicers don’t want to work with you to save your home…they’re working really hard to steal it from you, steal it via FRAUD!

* * *

April 7, 2013

We have every reason to celebrate this weekend – we came together six months ago and decided that we’re not ashamed nor afraid to share our foreclosure horror stories…here we are today bringing together people all around the nation!

EXACTLY AT 1:00 pm est (10:00 am PST) Dr. Jazz Normand will play a song that she has composed exclusively for our radio program, titled “We’re Not Alone”

1:00 pmLainey and Anita will join me to discuss the importance of sharing your story and the information you learn along the way

1:30 pm Joel Sucher is back to discuss mortgage securitization and foreclosure fraud connection.
Joel will also tell us more details about his upcoming Foreclosure Diaries documentary.

*Joel Sucher is a filmmaker with Pacific Street Films in Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. He also writes for the HuffPost.

* * *

March 31, 2013

1:00 pm EST – Clinton Kirby: In normal world, and in a just judicial system this statement would be enough to prove the fraud – when BofA claimed that Michele Sjolander endorsed the note, but then she said that she didn’t put the stamp on the note, she doesn’t know who put the stamp on the note, she was not anywhere in the building when and where the note was supposedly endorsed, and she doesn’t even know for sure when the endorsement was supposedly placed there – guess what happens…

2:00 pm EST – Gary Wait: Does name RADAR mean anything to you? Well, that’s the name of the program which was brought to life for the sole purpose of making intentional foreclosures – via computer system…the program that could select properties, put them in default…Well, this computer program at the end of its journey went to Goldman Sachs and started selling mortgage instruments while collapsing them on the other side… Meet Gary Wait – an investigator, a cop, a marine…a guy who once faced his own foreclosure and after that embarked on a journey of finding the truth about the biggest financial fraud this country has ever seen.

* * *

March 24, 2013

1:00 pm EST: A story from an upcoming documentary “Foreclosure Diaries”

Joel Sucher, a filmmaker with Pacific Street Films in N.Y., will introduce Bob and Stacy Schmidt, Tennessee-based homeowners, who were victims of mortgage servicing fraud well ahead of the 2010 revelations regarding robo-signing.  They were brutally evicted in June of 2007 by Litton Loan Servicing and ever since have been fighting to get back their home.

2:00 pm EST: Ingham County (MI) Register of Deeds Curtis Hertel, Jr. is one of the few register of deeds in our country that is protecting his land records and fighting for justice and his constituency. In 2010, he introduced the Property Fraud Alert System as a free service to all residents of Ingham County. This system, which is only in use thus far in a few counties in Michigan, allows citizens to sign up and be notified whenever new documentation is filed on their property with the Register of Deeds office.

* * *

March 23, 2013–there-is-always-a-way-out
Let’s talk about this – the issue that many are still avoiding but we hear about new foreclosure related suicides every day. All our situations are unique in their own way, but we’re all fighting the same hidden ghosts that have taken over our lives. Don’t see yourself as a victim – you’re a survivor and a witness of the most brutal financial crime ever occurred… 1:00 pm – Sherry Hernandez will discuss a depression caused by all the stress you encounter while trying to survive a foreclosure

1:30 pm – Don Sweet will discuss the emotionally shocking aspects of the banking betrayal.

2:00 pm – Carlos (LA) – a foreclosure fraud activist will share his foreclosure protest/workshops organizing strategies. As he said – The banks don’t know how to handle activism!

2:45 pm – Robert Townsend will talk about staying strong and healthy and do’s and don’ts for foreclosure fighters.

* * *

March 16, 2013

1:00 pm EST – Rebecca  Misenhelter (AZ) – We know that it’s not easy to face and survive even one foreclosure eviction…but, what if I tell you that you had to go through two of them?!

Rebecca’s family lost their home to a foreclosure eviction and now, on March 18, the rental they moved in is facing the same fate. You can find more info on her blog:

2:00 pm EST – Kathy Enders-Torrenga (MI) – All of a sudden we were being threatened for unknown reasons by unknown people, from out of nowhere, these “people” were hell bent in fraudulently taking our home of 20+ yrs. I was, in the beginning, alone, ashamed, embarrassed and trying to make sense out of something so senseless, wondering what we had done wrong to deserve such a threat.

* * *

March 17, 2013

1:00 pm – Rob & Larry (California)
Aside from fighting for his own home, Robert Somerton finds time to help others in a similar situation. On Sunday he’ll introduce Larry Anderson, a 74 year old, 100% disabled and retired combat veteran. Larry has been fighting BofA with help from foreclosure fraud activists for a couple of years now.
Here is one of many YouTube videos that Rob prepared about Larry’s story:

* * *

March 10, 2013

1:00 pm – Robert Somerton (California) will tell Rob & Ana’s story which started with a simple request for a loan modification and ended up with his arrest at a BofA branch based on false accusations from the bank’s manager while his wife Ana was left there at the branch stranded for hours.

2:00 pm – Marla Sneed (Colorado) will be back to give us an update on her foreclosure case. Three and a half years ago, PNC Bank began procedures to foreclose on Marla’s home, though a background investigator involved in the case found no records in the Arapahoe County system indicating that PNC owned Sneed’s mortgage.  Now, a few days ago, Marla lost her case and she’s expecting a foreclosure sale any day now…

March 3, 2013–silent-no-more

Can you handle the truth? If you can, join us tomorrow at 1:00 pm EST – two lawyers will share their foreclosure fraud strategies, their fight against the foreclosure fraud machine…

1:00 pm EST – Attorney Mark Stopa, FL
He said:”It’s not about collecting fees, it’s about helping homeowners and changing the world. It’s time to set a goal. 1,000 dismissals by the middle of 2014.”

1:30 pm EST – Attorney Scott Stafne, WA
Attorney Stafne:”You can’t legally or ethically be an attorney and perform semi-legal judicial job.”

We’ll also discuss this landmark decision!

“The state Supreme Court (WA) on Thursday ruled against a major player in the foreclosure industry, Quality Loan Service, saying it could not act merely as an agent for lenders.”

* * *

March 2, 2013

1:00 pm  Paul Lee – his house was foreclosed on during a loan modification process.

2:00 pm – Anita Reyes – has been evicted twice from her home, but she’s still fighting:”I am not leaving. I have nowhere to go. I am standing up for myself, my family and community.”

Join us to show them that they are not alone, that this great country won’t be silent any longer and wait for the day when every home will be taken away…please realize that we’re all in this together..These stories are not only Paul and Anita’s, these are OUR stories!


February 17, 2013–lets-see-how-everything-endedor-started-1

Today my guest was John Titus, the producer of the documentary film Bailout. We discussed many topics, all of them connected with the main reason why we are in the current situation – why our and world economy is going downhill, why people are losing their homes, their jobs, their life savings and that reason is FRAUD.
As John pointed out during our conversation – the media wants you to believe that the deregulation was to blame for everything what happened on Wall Street and spilled out like raw sewage water all around the world. No, John says – it’s not because of deregulation – this crisis was caused by FRAUD.

Also, thank you Lejla Huskic for calling in from the Climate rally in DC where 50,000 gathered to try and save the only planet we call home!


January 27, 2013–4-voices-on-foreclosure-fraud

Four women shared their stories and the impact this crisis has had on their lives…The stories are from Massachusetts, California and Florida.


January 20, 2013

1:00 pm EST – our guest will be Steve Johnson, a homeowner who has been fighting his foreclosure fraud for over five years now. He will share with us his story and also tell his opinion on the importance of following the rules and procedures and pressing the other side to follow the same rules.

2:00 pm EST – our guest will be Belinda Brooks (she was with us on December 30th), the Mayor of Luckey, OH. She  will remind us how her efforts to lower her mortgage payments ended up in foreclosure proceedings. She is coming back to give us an update on her recent case dismissal and also on the press release that she had with her state’s Senator on Friday.


January 13, 2013–how-to-fight-foreclosure

On Sunday, January 13th we will discuss the following topics with Robert Harrington -Co-Founder of the National WAMU Homeowners Support Group. In 2009, co-founded a Florida loan auditing company working with foreclosure defense attorneys specializing in litigation against alleged origination and underwriting fraud –

1) How to locate, hire a qualified, affordable attorney to increase your odds of getting a more favorable result

2) How to help your own case

3) How to organize meaningful activism at your state and local level and how to avoid pitfalls and mistakes

4) The strengths and weaknesses of the loan audit industry

R.Harrington’s Disclaimer: I am not an attorney nor licensed private investigator! No information that I share should be construed as legal advice. Always consult with a qualified attorney, in your jurisdiction, regarding your foreclosure.


January 6, 2013

On Sunday, January 6th my two guests will be Rene and Deborah – both from California and both fighting their foreclosures. The only difference is that Rene is still at her home while Deborah continue from the tent.

December 31, 2012

Two years ago John just wanted to work with BofA on his mortgage modification, but that first conversation didn’t end up well…not for him, but for the bank 🙂
That day the idea for was born and we got “My Name is John and I’m Fighting Back” to help many of us in mapping this road we were forced to travel.
John’s message to us:”If you can make a transformation from being a victim to being a warrior right now – that can change everything!”

December 30, 2012

He’s the man who once upon the time was a small business owner, a homeowner, a father…Today, his name is recognized not only by many foreclosure fraud victims, but also by those who are most responsible for the situation we are in today – bankers, government officials.

December 24, 2012

Will Gallison will be my guest on Monday, December 24th at 1:00 pm EST – Here is his song about his friend whose murder he’s still trying to solve…

“This is the story of Sunny Sheu
But it coulda been me and it coulda been you
If we don’t stand up for what’s right and whats true
We’re gonna ALL end up like Sunny Sheu”

December 16, 2012

On Sunday, December 16th at 1:00 pm EST you will have an opportunity to hear/ask questions – the one and only George Babcock, a brilliant attorney from Rhode Island, with hundreds of foreclosure cases in Federal Court.

Here is what he said to Brian Moynihan, BofA CEO: “Let me stress that I don’t operate from a position of fear, nor do I stand in awe of you or your company. The time has come for you to be called to task for your role in the destruction of my America.”

Here is the link to the NBC’s video about Attorney Babcock:   “These days, most of George Babcock’s business is in fighting foreclosures — and business is good. As MSNBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports, all of his clients still live in their homes:

December 9, 2012

On Sunday December 9th, my guest will be someone who the majority of foreclosure fraud fighters recognize as “The Hut Master”. A “character” was born through frustration while dealing with Mortgage Servicers. This”characer” became his outlet to expose the fraud and connect with others who found themselves facing the same situation. Over the past few years, “The Hut Master” has helped folks all around the country.

December 2, 2012

On Sunday, December 2nd at 12:00 pm EST, our guest will be BJ Alexander,  a certified Forensic Loan Auditor and Certified Mortgage Securitization Auditor from Georgia.

She’s exposing “Fraudclosure” by Leveraging Knowledge and Truth. Twenty five years of real estate experience positions her on the front lines of this battle to save our country.
BJ message to us: “Let’s Do This!”

November 25, 2012

Our guest on Sunday will be Lainey Hashorva, a foreclosure fighter, a homeowner, and a small business owner from California.

She’s been successfully running her business for twenty years, but these days Lainey spends all her free time investigating and fighting mortgage securitization and foreclosure fraud.

November 18, 2012

Carl Gibson will be on our radio show tonight (11/18/12) at 8 p.m. EST to talk about the successful campaign to oust tea party congressman Frank Guinta (NH), and the Fed’s secret $40 billion monthly bailout to Wall Street banks while we watch the next Congress try to tell us there’s no money for our earned pensions and healthcare.

Carl Gibson is the founder of Gibson Group LLC, a consulting firm specializing in messaging, community organizing, and creative direct action that links progressive elected officials and causes with social movements to bring about progressive change:

November 4, 2012

She is a mother of three, she’s foreclosure fraud fighter and she’s here to share her story with us…to let us know that you should never give up on your path to justice, never give up on your fight when you know that a bank is trying to steal your home without proof that they own mortgage.
Here is also a link to Marla’s story:

October 28, 2012

Our guest was Mario Kenny – a homeowner and a great foreclosure fraud activist. Mario shared his personal story and also gave his advice on how to find a foreclosure fraud lawyer in your area – how to be a bridge between lawyer and homeowners. His strategy worked in Florida and California, but we need an army of lawyers to fight the biggest fraud perpetrated on this country and its people.

October 21, 2012

In this episode I’ll talk about Register O’Brien’s actions in regards to the robosigning fraud that is turning his registry into a crime scene. He took upon himself the toughest role of them all – to be a pioneer and to demand of his boss, Secretary of State, his Attorney General, and many others to do their jobs and follow the law instead of letting the bankers destroy our counties’ recording system along with our justice system.
Currently, O’Brien has close to 40,000 fraudulent documents on his desk, waiting for our elected officials and judges to do something and stop this disaster…

Our guest is Howard Graber, a former homeowner from Duluth area of Atlanta, who had been evicted from his home together with his wife while recovering from a Massive Stroke level with Inner Cranial Brain Hemorrhage in his Basil Ganglia! He is still disabled to this day!


October 14, 2012

Every saved house, every family that is remaining in their home, instead of being foreclosed and evicted is the result of someone’s action somewhere…They didn’t remain in the house because government suddenly decided to do the right thing and protect the victim…they didn’t remain in the home because the banksters suddenly realized that they’re wrong…no, the family remained in the home because someone fought for the answer, someone put them on notice that their crimes are very well known now and that there are people who won’t stop demanding the answers.

Our guest will be Don Sweet, a homeowner from PA – As he learned how fight for his home, he began to share that knowledge with others struggling to save theirs. He’d discovered that he was not only not alone, but the victim of a nationwide scam tearing families apart and throwing literally millions of innocent people into the street.

October 6, 2012

The foundation of America is being eroded every day…Thousands are losing their homes through fraudulent foreclosures with no one to turn too. There are still people out there who are blaming the victims; but, if I were to show you that your mortgage is fraudulent and your servicer is not the one that owns your mortgage, would you still continue to pay? If you say yes, then for me you are a fool, and you are the biggest part of the problem. You are closing your eyes to the fraud in front of you – you choose to live a lie, instead to stand up and demand the answers.

And here is a link to CBS Atlanta segment on foreclosure/mortgage securitization fraud:

We should all stop and think about the facts in front of us and ask ourselves – How with a clear conscience can we let this continue?

* * *

Foreclosure Fraud Survivors DISCLAIMER

I am not an attorney and I am not engaged in rendering legal advice. It’s my opinion and advice, not counsel. I’m just one of many homeowners in my quest for the exit from this mortgage mess we found ourselves in. Everything I say is based on my own experience or on the experience of people who shared their stories with me. I am not responsible as an “expert” and for what you do with my advice and knowledge.


3 responses

3 05 2013

I have gone through this with a fine comb and found the problems with these foreclosures at an alarming rate are indeed not only the Banks but your elected officials. What your Mayors and senators are not telling you is , they have formed an agreement with the Banks. The State is basically claiming these defective loans with the Banks. The State raising Historical tax credits, providing these tax credits to the investors and not to be mistaken the State is acquiring privatized securiotization on these loans. This is why new legislation is passing through without the people knowing or having the chance to review the details. Its all State driven. You wonder why ? the STATE HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO CAPITIZE FROM THESE BAD LOANS, They have systematically appointed contractors , private equity houses ,(Trusts ) , bond companies , and shell purchasers for the State of these houses. yes, they want to take the fire arms from the people because once they really learn who is behind these failed loans and who purchased or repurchased , they are going to go to war with these elected officials whom have committed the greatest fraud against the very people who elected them into office. We are living in a deceptive world full of lies and deceit, it will come out very soon

14 03 2013

[…] Senka's Blog, "Coming Home" […]

13 03 2013

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