Lainey Hashorva – Silent no More!

February 27, 2014

For PETE’s Sake

Let’s implement some new rules for the mortgage modification Three Card Monty game.  If we put our cards on the table as we do, have done, time and time again to these banks demanding every single line item of our financial identity, why are we the only ones naked at the table?  Why has the game been rigged for so long now without the turnabout of fair play?  Unless of course you can afford an expensive lawyer to represent you in revealing our imaginary friend, PETE, aka Person Entitled To Enforce the “debt”, the note, the loan, the mortgage.

It’s time for a new conversation.  Homeowners are no longer silent at the table, and we no longer wish to be on the menu.  It’s time to look at some out of the box ideas in regard to the cards being stacked in favor of the casino banks.  The homeowners need to be a voice in this process, need to be heard and treated fairly as to the hands we’ve been dealt. 

Here are a few ideas as to the negotiations that we as citizens, homeowners, renters from homeowners, and community members would like to see more action on in regard to our rights, our investments and our homes. 

We look to our law enforcement, Consumer advocates and the organizations/bureaus in place to serve and enforce the truth of the law, to protect the rights of consumers, individuals, and land records, not the will of the mega banks that have time and time again admitted to wrong doing, consumer harm, fraudulent foreclosures, money laundering, abusive lending practices, forgery, robo signing, incentivizing foreclosure with gift cards for God’s sake and so much more – paying settlements in the high billions with not even a slap on the wrist, let alone an arrest of a high ranking executive.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase was just given a 70% raise after paying out billions of dollars in settlements of wrong doing last year!!   John Stumpf, CEO of Wells Fargo makes over $9,000.00/hour and as part of his 2013 compensation received a one million dollar bonus.  21,702 shares of stock at $46.00 a share.                    

Meanwhile lower and middle class homeowners are literally thrown into the street, locked out of their homes, their belongings taken, stolen or destroyed.  Where is PETE and why is he of no real consequence in regard to those hired to serve and protect us? 

Those of us that have found ourselves in this merciless maze begging for mercy have come to know that the cards are stacked against us.  We didn’t know that going in.  We innocently wandered in trying to refinance or modify what, due to hardships and an economic depression everyone refers to still as a recession.  Layoffs, catastrophic illness – whatever it is, we were told we could call the HOPE hotline and HAMP or HARP our way into a modification to save the day.  A reset of our mortgage payments that would make it affordable.  We played fair.  We put all of our chips on the table, heart pounding, dice blowing lady luck looking on, we didn’t know that we didn’t stand a chance cause she works for the casino.

Most of us were not flipping houses and buying boats.  Most of us were and are just trying to get by in this big bad new world we find ourselves in over the last five or six years.  We had faith because we were offered hope.

HOWEVER, the Intent of these banks has not been NOT to Modify but to Capitalize on the Loss Mitigation, insurance, fees, short sales and foreclosures under the guise of document requests to assist us in modifying our mortgages.

Georgetown Law professor Adam Levitin spelled this out in testimony before Congress in 2010: “If mortgages were not properly transferred in the securitization process, then mortgage-backed securities would in fact not be backed by any mortgages whatsoever.”

That being said, the mortgage modification Three Card Monty game seems to be still standing by like Vanna White all gussied up, beaming with the promise of the right guess, the spin of the wheel, the flip of the card – Jackpot!! 

The long shots are flattering – nothing personal but Vanna is getting old like the rest of us and time is of the essence, so…..what if….

All servicing banks should be required to produce a NPV report when a loan mod is denied.  A homeowner cannot appeal a denial if they do not know the numbers that the servicer used. The underwriter notes used to “decision” a denial must be produced.

No more than one SPOC assigned to a homeowner through out the thirty day process.

New homeowner protection laws in place need to be fortified and locked up – no wiggle room and they need to be national, not just in specific states.  New specifics need to be in place in regard to what can be requested by the banks, so that the document requests are more standardized across the board. 

Strict time sensitivity given to a simplified across the board doc request.  A decision made within thirty days. 

Homeowner must be supplied a clear concise Qualified Written Request of the nature and history of the mortgage since it’s inception/transaction took place. 

Any modification must be honored by any bank or entity that transfers or assumes servicing duties on the mortgage. 

No more monkey business.  No more marked cards.  No more homeowner strip poker!

1) We should have a right to know if our chain of title is accurate, so that we might know who our true “investor” is. Since it is supposedly up to the investor whether or not we are modified.      Proof of ownership by the investor/or servicer must be provided and forensically legitimate. 

2) Hardship letter should not be a prerequisite, nor should we have to ‘qualify’, obviously, we already have the loan. Their qualification is a form of extortion. In other words….how much do you have so we can squeeze you for the maximum amount. There should be a reduction in principle and interest. Period.

3) Modification should be mandatory, due to the the massive systemic fraud, forgeries, billions in settlements and admitted wrong doing by the banks abuses to consumers. Tho…some qualify and some do not….all were victims, not just the investors and the ones who are still paying on time, juggling two or three jobs to do it, should still benefit from the settlement with a modification.   This is not a two way contract with our signature. Why are we treated like its a one way contract?   We are the third party with so much to lose In regard to a bad contract as well as all other parties involved in this negotiation.

 If a homeowner is denied modification or refinance then –

The rules must be simplified, (eh hem,)  “Modified” if you will.

No prolonged discovery fights.  No more abuse of our courts and financial wherewithal. 

We are entitled to the entire record of phone recordings, emails, data entry, express written denials from investor on modification requests, or principal forbearance,  to compare and contrast their entries with our own paperwork – internal notes to see when the servicer collected on as to the “servicer mortgage insurance” that will bring us back to the INTENT not to modify.  We are entitled to our Pooling and Servicing Agreement and the Qualified Written Request, all notes, SPOC names and the PETE’s ID.

We need and expect our land recordation departments, consumer protection agencies, govt. offices, congressional representatives and officers of the court system to acknowledge the fact that homeowners have a place at this table, a tremendous financial, emotional, literal investment at stake in the house we have made our home.  We expect to be treated judiciously and fairly and we will not accept anything less.  We demand to have a face to face meeting with PETE, not a suited up group of well fed attorneys on Mr. Stumpf’s payroll.


January 2014

To Modify or Not to Modify, That is the Question….

The thing is, if the banks had acted honorably in regard to actually modifying people, whether it be HAMP, HARP or “in house” rather than incentivizing foreclosures and short sales with Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards, we would have all been helped, a bit more satisfied, had less motive and drive to delve into the bottomless fraud and gotten on with our lives.

We need criminal bankers to go to jail.
We need to press our local and national media affiliates, online sources, and social media to be bombarded by the ongoing abuses being dealt to homeowners by these bully banks.
We need to show up for each other and be heard.
We need accountability to modify our standing, our contracts, our humanity.

How do you modify fraud? You delegate, regulate and retaliate. You negotiate and you compensate. Often you need to litigate.
Join the conversation. Stand up. Letʼs modify these banking crimes before they obliterate what little we have left. Now is the time for a new conversation. We have nothing to lose, (one more quote from Cool Hand Luke),
“Some times nothinʼ can be a real cool hand.”READ MORE:

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December 2013

Stealing Home

Well at this point it’s pretty common knowledge that all the bloated banksters in the cartel are literally sucking the soul out of us, homeowner by homeowner, house by house, city by city, state by state.  Puffing themselves up like the Pillsbury Doughboy that ate Godzilla and Manhattan. Picking their teeth with our land records.

So where are the Attorneys General?  Where is that, oh geez, what was it called again?  Oh yeah, The Mortgage Fraud Task Force.  What ever happened to that? Maybe Jamie Dimon bought it for his daughter and commemorated it into a nice little holiday snow globe for his 2013 holiday party give away bags.

In California we have the oh so special California Homeowner Bill of Rights.  AG Kamala Harris beamed, eyes glistening at the signing of that photo op  behind Gov Jerry Brown, as if she’d just handed over the mega lottery loot to a homeless family of twelve.  Kamala Harris is always camera ready, always ready for her next sound bite on CNN or PR release in front of the state flag.  Her career path looks promising, maybe the Supreme Court, DOJ or Governor.  But try to engage her in anything that actually has any real teeth to it, like say for example, millions of Californians losing their homes to Fraudclosure, neighborhoods being decimated by empty homes and neglected properties, a second tsunami of fraudclosures looming,  and she’ll block you from her Facebook page.  The Homeowner “Bill of Rights” offers Californians false hope of surviving the Homeowner Hunger Games. New rules and all that. It’s like telling Tony Soprano’s men that they can’t whack you while Pauly Walnuts is still raping you.  Wait your turn.

But I digress.  Where does a homeowner actually get anyone to really hear them out?  To fully understand the soul sucking misery that we find ourselves in when trying to work with these mega banks that are on robotic search and destroy mode?  Who really understands the complexities?  The anguish and the insanity of the matrix we are placed in when following the “rules” in place to try to save what is ours in these unprecedented times;  Our homes. Our investment.  Our legal rights in a complex bloody labyrinth of red tape and manufactured BS.

We try our congressional office, they smile and nod with compassion and knowing. Tsk tsk sigh.   They act as if they’ll try their best to intervene on our behalf, set you up with a special Single Point Of Contact (aka SPOC) in the “executive offices” that have a little more accountability since it’s a US Congressional office letterhead and all.  Sorta put more time constraints on Pauly Walnuts to respond to our requests and the infinite supply of paperwork we fax, mail, Fed Ex and produce time after time after time after time after time.  We have turned into a paper producing incoherent human copy machine, holding the tiniest pessimistic optimism somewhere in the back of our minds that this time we have a “complete package” with every T crossed. We have become wild eyed Vegas strip junkies gambling the entire nest egg at this point. Come on baby, ten times is the charm.  I’m due damn it I’m due.  Alright one more time….
“What is it?” we wonder.  How did we get here?  This abyss of systematic bureaucratic bankster abuse.

It’s epic.  The stakes are as high as it gets. We are in deep. We begin to realize that our congressional offices are as useful as a confession to a child molester posing as a priest.  We realize our letters to the AGs, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Oprah, Obama, Jill Biden’s manicurist, the HOPE hotline.  (How sad is that?  The HOPE hotline?) No answers there either.

We somehow break through the imposed shame that everyone keeps to themselves as homeowners in this position been conveniently branded as “deadbeats”.  We feel like losers.  We feel so alone, so lost in this matrix of complexities, legalities, and consequences.  The stakes are so high, our faith is so fragmented.

We begin to talk about it with friends and family.  We start to put it out there little by little as to how much we are struggling with these obstacles, these unprecedented times, these impenetrable banks that supposedly have programs in place to assist us in “Making Home Affordable”.  Banks have rules right?  Our govt has laws right?  Where are we in this big picture?  Don’t we as homeowners and citizens have a right to stand our ground, to keep what we built against false claims and lack of standing, aka “show me the note” dude?

Who is there for us in this vapid game we’ve been pulled into in good faith to save our homes?  Our investments, our retirement?  Who?

WE are. We are there for each other. We start to connect and talk about the lawlessness, the impossible inarticulate anguish and insanity we’ve been exposed to in the guise of sustaining our homes.  We start to listen to each other’s stories and the similarities begin to reflect clear patterns of abuse.  Clear patterns of harm and of our undoing by instruction.  Step by step, we have blindly and diligently in all good faith followed the instructions we were given by the servicing bank that tells us we won’t be considered as having a legitimate hardship unless we are in default, that we need to miss a few payments to receive assistance, submit and resubmit hundreds of pages of documents again and again and again until we start to realize it’s all rigged.  A big fat hoax. The biggest Ponzi scheme since Bernie Madoff, only this is multiplied times millions of families and individuals.  Millions of titles and altered titles.  This scam is unprecedented.  The biggest financial sting in our history.  The modern day bankster business plan.   Wells Fargo, “Together we’ll go far”.  Welcome to modern day psychological terrorism.  Who’s gonna be the last man or woman standing?  Who’s more likely to run out of money, stamina, steam and wherewithal first?

Yes indeed, Wells Fargo Sucks, and so does Bank of America, Chase,  Citi, Ocwen, Nationstar, Penny Mack.  What a coincidence huh?  Ever get the feeling they’re the same criminal enterprise?  The same robo signing Caligraphy workshops.  The same bank rebranding themselves hand over fist, trying to erase their tracks, complicate what they confiscate unlawfully.  They all seem to be playing the same shell game, the same abuses and patterns in place ultimately to bring about the swift demise of the American Homeowner.   The modification of the middle class, the mastication and regurgitation of the American dream.  “Here ya go, sorry for the confusion.  Here’s a few thousand dollars for the relocation.   Three days to vacate.  Your house has been auctioned off. Don’t worry, if you’re lucky maybe we’ll rent it back to you.  Sign here.  Love, Linda Green.”

Yes, #WellsFargo#Sucks.  Hashtag that #John Stumpf and all the pathetic SPOCs that service your robo signing, loss of docs, cubicle monkeys selling their souls for a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card, dressing as homeless people at your Halloween office parties, SPOCs assisting in the takedown of the American homeowner, SPOCs that redirect us, disconnect us and are complicit in the zombie fee collecting business plan to abusively foreclose us into oblivion.  “This call will be monitored and recorded.  This is an attempt to collect a debt”. Really?   Show me the money?  Show me the note.  Show me the securitized debt.  “Hello.  Hello?”

Not only did the worlds biggest banks and their henchmen the Department of Justice, the AGs, the lack of hope on the Hope hotline take down the world economy, the business plan in place is to cut us off at the knees as we attempt (by following their rules) to stagger to our feet.  To speak truth to corrupt power.

Well guess what.  We are on our feet.  We are talking to one another, networking, building coalitions, groups of activists.   Home grown ground troops. We are comparing notes, robo signer names, editorial email lists, servicing abuses, patterns of fraud.  We are deciphering the complexities in the lack of standing these big bad blowhards have in the homeowner hunger games.  We are armed with the power of what stubborn strong willed fighters on a mission have in common.  We are taking names and blasting them out to every Facebook group, Twitter feed and Instagram stream we can muster – all day every day.  The TRUTH.  WE the people are showing up for each other and it is a powerful force to reckon with. The truth is a potent undeniable living thing, and if you present the truth in regard to the law, even Pauly Walnuts goes to the big house at some point or sleeps with the fish.  Occupy the truth. Move your money from these criminal institutions to smaller community banks and credit unions.  Demand everything in writing, record calls, put them on defense and stay on offense. Share share share with like minded others.  Yes it’s the Homeowner Hunger games, but we are hungry and we have nothing to lose.  Time to bite the vampire and bleed them out.  Wake up and join us. They are coming for us, but much to their astonishment we are not running anywhere but directly AT them.  WE are coming for them.

Join us at “Wells Fargo Sucks” (group) and “Fraudclosure Fighters” (group pages) on Facebook.  Several other groups as well (Home Defenders League, Occupy Our Homes, Bank Fraud Revealed, and many many more) in which we network, cross reference, decipher, support, take names, graph charts, network with auditing forensic experts and attorneys, Occupy and serve one another in the common quest to dismantle the Fraudclosure machine, expose the servicing abuses, bringing the truth HOME in seeking justice and saving ourselves against an arrogant out of control Goliath that never saw us coming.
We are the heroes we’ve been waiting for.   Join us.

* * *

May 17, 2013

Lainey:”This is who I am in constant dialogue with in my Linked In group re the Nat. Mortgage Settlement!!! Joseph A. Smith is the overseer to the banks and the settlement agreement! I’m so excited I can’t type. The biggest contributors to the discussions in the group there are me and Mr. Smith!!!!! All I ever talk about is the evil doers – Wells Fargo!!! I feel like I helped! I just thanked Mr. Joseph A. Smith for this on that Linked In group Im in and wrote with a smile, “Mind if I call ya Joe?” 🙂

“Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC), the biggest U.S. home lender, halted some foreclosure sales until it can understand new federal guidelines on seizures sent to the nation’s large and mid-sized banks.

The rules from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency dated last month laid out minimum standards that must be met before a foreclosed home can be sold. Citigroup Inc. (C) also said today it’s evaluating the OCC’s directive.

The pause is needed “while we study the revised guidance from the OCC regarding imminent foreclosure sales,” Vickee Adams, a spokeswoman for San Francisco-based Wells Fargo, said today in a phone interview. “We expect it to be brief,” she said, declining to specify which states were affected.”

Read More:

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April 21, 2013

– my rant on Linked In to a question posed to me:

Lainey Hashorva • Absolutely on all of the above Kelly, and that’s what Mr. Smith in a small part points to in his speech/link he posted here when he addressed a few of the issues re the bank cartel – I mean oversight regulation. The real issues are only really being discussed and exposed by us – the ones that don’t get paid to do this but have all the skin in the game.

A poor man has nothing left to lose right? Ironically – just like all good spin and propaganda thru history we are being labeled as “deadbeat homeowners” while the land titles are being vacuumed up, and contaminated by fraud, people being forced from their homes at gun point by law enforcement. It’s a holocaust and a disgrace and like in all the stories we are familiar with in history of truth tellers, they are mocked, hosed down, shut down, shot, silenced, discredited and eventually when it’s too late, we’ll have our day. Like JFK, Rosa Parks, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King. A token nod and holiday to the seekers of justice and humane fairness in a civilized society. We are pioneers for this and this is the fight of our generation to save what little is left of the dream of America. How ironically symbolic, huh? The American Dream – HOME. Home.

That’s what they are destroying on every level. I asked my dear friend (Tragically – one of the parents suffering the loss from the Newtown massacre of children and educators), the other day via text as he flew with President Obama on Air Force One to address the NRA and the Senators to do the humane thing and vote of safer gun laws – I asked him if he had time to look Pres. Obama in the eye, to ask him “to save my home”. He said. “I will.”

But he didn’t get the opportunity or maybe the gumption, and it was selfish of me to ask at such a time maybe, but this was his third meeting with Obama, and my friend and his wife spoke instead of the POTUS for the address last week. Afterward when we spoke and he was feeling so defeated after the sell out of our govt “representatives” to the gun lobby regardless of the fact that 90% American people wanted it/backed it. He said, “As to your request – I never did get a moment, but you see how powerful the gun lobby is Lain, I can’t even imagine you throwing yourself up against the Bank lobby – or any president opposing them for that matter.”


On another note – the synchronicity of discovery is uncanny in my life – always has been. For example I had posted an add to rent my guest room out temporarily and the first person that responded was from VA coming here to Southern CA to Calabasas to “cook the books” for Bank of America prior to all this auditing and bill of rights action. They were recruiting accounting people from all over the country to work on their foreclosure docs.

Also, I took a part time job working on weekends. The owner’s son is a high level attorney who worked originally for Countrywide, constructing the transition and deals as they converted and gobbled up the toxic mortgages transferred over to BofA, and now Penny Mack. How uncanny is the coincidence? These are only two examples of random “coincidences” that I keep coming face to face with as I advocate for homeowners like myself in bringing about meaningful change and keeping people in their homes. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

It’s still a mosaic, but interesting nonetheless as it all comes together to further expose the truth of the fraud and the stealing of the land and titles.


April 20, 2013

Every single day that goes by matters. We need to turn this ship around. Those of us still hanging on to the side of the dingy are drowning and tired – we need assistance now. We need real enforceable change to take place now. There is no confidence whatsoever left in our system, the banks, or the govt. These are unprecedented times. There are no heros, no one to save us but our own stubborn tenacity and will to do better. We need the law to enforce justice for the people of this country. Let’s get to work on the real issues at hand and expose the truth in what is going on so that we can build a new model and restore faith in our democracy.

Each of us has to continually show up. Continually voice truth to the powers that be. Each of us can make a difference, especially those in a position like Mr. Smith – if your honor and your integrity insist that justice be served.


“Big Bank / Servicing INSIDERS – who are (a) currently employed, (b) position-eliminated or (c) moved on… who have irreplaceable knowledge re: what really happened, who knew what when, and why things happened the way they did.

This vital resource group has never been interviewed by auditors, regulators or the bank monitors. Their feedback hasn’t been recorded in a readable text – which I personally find to be an egregious lack of due diligence by everyone who is supposed to be accountable for governance of the foreclosure reviews, the funds to homeowners and the agencies for regulatory reform.

I find it hard to understand why we’re left guessing or assuming instead of literally picking up the phone and calling 10 or 20% of the workforce (w/ subpoenas, given the clear retaliatory backlash that would ensue), to hear a straightforward account of the incompetence or fraud which may or may not but probably did happen across the industry.

If that’s what we’re all hinting at – in a politically correct or “passive aggressive” tone, then this crisis will continue. We know this. So MEMBERS: What reason would Senator Warren and Joseph Smith have to reject this suggestion:


Hire a few process experts and independent paralegal at a thrifty $50/hour to interview (subpoena and volunteers) INSIDERS, RELATORS, WHISTLEBLOWERS and VENDORS.

OUTPUT OBJECTIVE: A 50 page pdf listing the problems, risk assessment and actionable fix in a policy, workstream process and desktop instruction format, with QA metrics and scorecard developed, a project training rollout plan and governance.

TIMELINE: 90 days across largest 7 bank /mortgage servicers

INSIDER RELATORS and WHISTLEBLOWERS know the truth and how to fix it. Why again aren’t we asking people willing to explain? At this point, doesn’t Mr. Smith have the right to tell the bank he expects someone with a process background to interview 15% of the employees to get things on track? I mean plenty of folks do this for global companies and it works – teams using proven methods get “rockstar” awards and all around it’s a win-win.


Senator Warren and Joseph Smith – “Here’s what the NMS Working Group is proposing as the systematic approach to incorporate the views of those experts who have firsthand evidence to support the homeowners, attorneys, judges, OCC, Fed, Senator Warren, and Monitor Joseph Smith:
a) Hire a proven process expert for $50/hour to interview 15% of the top 7 Too Bigs using a standard method which will result in an action plan established in 90 days.
b) Hire an attorney to partner with that process expert, who will ensure those interviewed (subpoena 15% and all those currently willing to participate as well) don’t end up facing retaliation.
c) Ask for volunteers from this NMS Working Group to support these two people, with a training plan rolled out for those judges and attorneys / clerks who will need to understand case precedent (like Lenore provided), so nobody hears “I don’t know who Smith is or NMS and we’re not aware of the Forclosure reviews being ended”.
d) WHAT ELSE? Lenore – I like your list above (e.g. Homeowners – what you can do is write letters to the Cal Supreme Court to oppose requests by the banks to depublish these cases in California, when, and if they are made).”

April 10, 2013

My little snowball at the OCC man tonight re solving issues pertaining to the single point of contact at the banks.
One last one before bed…

Me: “I find it so ironic that the delays, confusion and lack of communication continues to hang on “missing or insufficient documentation” as always stated by the SPOC when we all know that if the system were in place to actually facilitate something legitimate we wouldn’t be here talking about this at all. The real missing documentation is the actual securitized note that no longer exists. Can we all just sort of raise our glasses to that fact??? Why do we continue to roam around the loony bin letting other lunatics take our pulse?”

April 1, 2013

Today’s discussion –  I found this article on the big honcho in charge of the National Mortgage Settlement oversight stuff with the banksters and I sent him this message today which may or may not get me kicked out of the discussion. The thing is, Mr. Smith participates the least in the discussion!

“Lainey Hashorva • Here is an interesting article I found re the goals of the OCC/Mr. Smith. Can you speak to this Mr. Smith? It was written last April and describes the position you are appointed to and as to what this working group is here to assist in facilitating. Here are a few key points from the article below:

Quotes from Washington Post 4-18-2012:

1. Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller (D), the top state official involved in the settlement negotiations, said banks had objected to the establishment of a monitor but were unanimous in accepting Smith. “The banks think that he’s going to be fair,” Miller said.

2. “What I’m really interested in is assuring that the bank servicing procedures are really reformed, are reconstructed in a way that prevents what led to all this from happening again,” Smith said. He hopes to help create “a mortgage industry that’s efficient but also fair, and that it treats distressed borrowers in a way that prevents unnecessary foreclosures.”

Are these goals underway with this working group- Mr. Smith, how would you rate progress to date, and what can this team do to better support you in regard to what is truly FAIR? If the banks deem you to be “fair”, how can we in the working group as advocates for justice for homeowners and that the legal system of our nation truly trust that the information gained here and shared with you will not be lunch for the big bad wolf?


March 27, 2013

“I think that so long as the DOJ neglects to serve the law and justice based on their own subjective projection of what would happen if they did their job, this would not be continuing, but because the DOJ and the AGs protect the criminal behavior of the banks and the lobbyists and the Wall Street agenda, justice and all the lives it’s supposed to serve and “protect” are left to be fodder for this relentless lawless machine.

If our “watch dogs”, overseers, congress and POTUS stepped up to actually do what they were elected to do and to serve, we would have more pride in our nation and it’s integrity. But so long as money buys politicians and banksters rule the roost we are drowning in front of them and now it almost seems like a spectator sport for the powers that be. I feel that finally things are shifting tho, and soon enough the lawless system will break. Too many are suffering and too much is visibly abhorrent as to what is taking place in front of our eyes, to our home, our communities, our courts and our circus of a govt. Occupy was just the beginning of the people saying enough is enough and the system is broken beyond repair.

As time goes on it is clear that movements like Occupy will not be able to be so repressed by violent and blatant disregard to our free speech and rights to assemble. This clearly illustrated how much force came out to silence the truth of what is taking place in our culture. We homeowners that are discovering the complexities of the mortgage fraud and following the money will be the ones that set the rest of us free, tho sadly for so many broken it is too late.”

March 16, 2013

In my group alone on Facebook, we have 195 active Fraudclosure fighters sharing information, case studies, actual pro se and attorney rep’d experiences every step of the way. We are disassembling the complexities and the violations in the laws that we feel many of the attorneys may not be fully up to speed on as of yet and I mean no disrespect whatsoever. Way beyond “show me the note”. When we share information we share it to all of the like minded groups and I share links and findings to top press pages, my non-distressed followers, and several other active grass roots groups that are all fighting to be heard, to save their homes and to have justice for the crimes that have taken place and continue to take place by these zombie banks every hour of every day.

Many in my group are attorneys, some active in the discussion here on this forum as well. We realize many of us are pioneers in this and are very hopeful that something and someone will rise above this brokenness to make a true difference, a true change to what is now a wild fire long out of control.

I do not mean in any way to derail the conversation here, but I do want to speak out for myself and all those that I am connected with through this catastrophe.

One final comment – have all the attorneys representing the homeowners looked at the laws regarding the E-sign laws that apply to the mortgages and the transfers from wet paper signatures to electronic transfers which negate the note?? Not just in regard to MERS but across the board. I realize I am a layman but this is one very important aspect of the entire issue no one ever mentions. Also, why are there no attorneys in this discussion in Los Angeles?”

March 13, 2013

Today’s poke into the discussion forum with the OCC chair re the banking practices and dealings with the issues re the single point of contact (SPOC), as attorneys site cases and examples and give feeback to the OCC chair….here’s my comment:

Lainey Hashorva • “I wonder if the information shared here as to the gaps and flaws of the SPOC process and M.O. will be used to further assist the banks to close any discrepancies in their methods and protocol rather than facilitating a way to better save our communities and the homeowners. Just curious as to the objective set in motion here regarding the issues raised about the SPOC and the desire only to speak with the attorneys. In my experience as a homeowner dealing with the SPOC is that no matter how good your offense, their defense will crush you. So are the answers and discussion points shared here only giving plays to the other team? Just tip toeing by…..”

March 7, 2013

Today’s rant with the OCC guy….
“We all want to help each other and we are understanding the complexities of the real core issues here as layered as it is it is all based on fraud that we are discovering. That is why the questions posed on the forum here don’t seem relevant Mr. Smith, with all due respect, if you sincerely want to know what issues we are up against, the SPOC is a gnat’s eyelash in this spectrum of what is being done to the homeowners by these mega banks. If the powers that be could actually offer some sort of REAL legitimate answers and help to those of us suffering the abuses of these banks we would not feel so hopeless and forsaken. We would actually have a fighting chance to help ourselves and others. The SPOC issues are just a symptom of the disease. They are customer service people in cubicles not really knowing what to do but push the paper back within unreasonable timeframes and at all points defend any forward motions on our behalf to save what is ours.

No one wants a free house. All we as customers/consumers/constituents and homeowners demand and deserve is a fair deal. That means legitimate assistance to rework these loans that the banks have made toxic. We need the DOJ and agencies like the OCC and CFPB to stand up for us, not to make what is broken stop squeaking. We need real oversight and protection by making the banks accountable for these abusive patterns in place to force foreclosure on our citizens. We are not asking for anything other than fair and unrigged guidelines and paths to take our homes out of jeopardy so we can go about living our lives and trying to keep our jobs, let alone the roofs over our heads.

We are more than happy to pay the mortgage to the legitimate note holder on the deed. The FACT is there is no one that these banks can point to because they have all been null and void since our transactions and refinancing has taken place. That is what ALL of the smoke and mirrors are about and everyone knows this. Everyone knows this.”

March 5, 2013

The convo is getting interesting with this Mortgage settlement group discussion as Mr. Smith (OCC guy) just laid out some “new rules” for the group discussion!! It appears that according to the new rules, homeowners don’t really count!! The discussion was set up to see about the servicing issues via attorneys and banking professionals – not homeowners as there is “nothing I can do about that.” So I HAD to throw one more big snowball at Mr. Smith in case he cuts me out of the discussion. The chart shows I’m second only to Mr. Smith as the biggest influencers in the discussion! LOL Cue the maniacal laughter!!! Okay – here is my most recent snowball….He might kick me out ~ I dunno….

“I realize my input may be a little left of the group’s new rules as I am not an attorney or banking professional. I do feel tho at this point being up against these processes, atrocities and convoluted miles of paperwork on my own behalf and the hundreds of homeowners I network with on a daily basis via the social media, that I am the recipient of an “honorary school of hard knocks” Masters degree and professional Fraudclosure Fighter at this point in my unchosen career.

I realize now after reading the new rules that we homeowners cannot be helped by the powers that be here – tho this is not an epiphany, but I do feel that we, the homeowners are the only group not being fully represented in ANY discussion. We are the literal heart of these issues, the ones being harmed, the ones who’s very lives are dangling in the balance and have been since 2008. How can you even have these discussions regarding efficiency and violations without the actual experiences and input of the very people on the receiving end? Just my (“professional” homeowner against the bank servicing abuses) opinion. Carry on.”


March 4, 2013

My rant today on Linked in re the questions posed by Joseph A. Smith, OCC head regarding our experiences with single point of contacts at the banks re our attempts to modify our loans……

“The banks goal is to wear you out – put you into the house of mirrors till you can’t see your way out, can’t get through to anyone for help, can’t understand your paperwork or why no one is there to assist. It’s because the whole thing is imploding and the fact of the matter is the jig is up. These banks have no idea who actually holds the note to our homes, so we are set to take the fall for their investor scams beginning with Countrywide allowing everyone to access the American Dream no matter what – get them in the houses – aka set them up so we have lots of ripe necks to bite later.

Sell to BofA, absorbing all of the fraud, duped themselves, but covering their tracks while at the same time going deeper. Little ol homeowners will never figure this complex accounting fraud out right? Poor homeowners will take the fall and the banks will then secure the missing “note” by assuring the foreclosures go through quickly and unquestioned. Redo for the banks. Trying to explain what I have learned in basic layman’s terms – as I am not an attorney – I am “just” a homeowner trying to hold onto my home against the biggest organized monied cartel that ever existed. The servicer doesn’t own the note and either do the “private investors” any more.

The pie was cut into so many slices and eaten so many times there is no way to put it all back together. Most of us are being so squeezed and underemployed, under-insured, underwater in every way – how convenient for the banks to scramble and take the homes, the land and re-register the messed up titles, the land records, reproduce the note and all the while collect exorbitant fees from the homeowner on top of INSTRUCTING them to go into default or they will not receive “assistance or appear to have a legit hardship”. Not to mention they get insurance on the foreclosures, the banks get all the money and sweat you’ve put into your home for all those years, they get the fees they’ve assessed by dragging out your timeline and your default arrearage as it behooves them to do so, and then – guess what – they get to turn around and SELL your home cheaper to someone else rather than go deeper into the fraud of actually negotiating the ransom for you to keep what is yours.

They have no right to foreclose, but the machine is on overload, the machine must consume, must keep going – there is no off switch as the machine has been left unattended too long and grown way too big. We are the food for the machine. The homeowners, tax payers, investors in our properties and our life savings. We are the fodder for the out of control machine and it is hungry. Once it spits us out it can do it all over again! New homeowners will buy foreclosures thinking we got such a deal! The title will never be clear, never be clean. The machine doesn’t have a care or a conscience it just consumes and keeps moving – unregulated, unchecked, unstoppable because the bottom line is all that matters right – and that is that the machine is a big monstrous money maker and taker for the bankers that bought America.

They don’t own our houses, cannot produce the clear title or the note to our properties, they have bifurcated the title and our sanity in so many ways, that the best way for them to keep devouring is to run us down and wear us out till we give up and get out – they even assure it on all levels by securing a conflict of interest with all the largest law firms in each state, vested pensions of local and state judges, Senate and congressional representatives feeding more paper into the machine but never passing any sort of moratorium to take a look or put a stop to the crimes. They know, as do the AGs, the OCC, the CFPB, the POTUS. They know what is going on, but they choose not to “impose” investigations, legislation, moratoriums or assistance other than the illusion of gate keeper/watch dog. All hell is breaking loose based on the greed and the scam perpetrated by these banks.”

Then the machine said I was exceeding the blabbing limit…..

* * *

Lainey Hashorva


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13 03 2013
13 03 2013
Lainey Hashorva – Silent no More! | SavingMyHome-Michigan

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6 03 2013
4 03 2013

Lainey, you have not ‘blabbed on’ too much for me, you have distilled a mind boggling set of circumstances into what I think is a very articulate rant. Thank you so much, really. I wish I lived closer and I’d buy you a drink – we all need one. So, when is the revolution?

4 03 2013

Karen – the revolution is ON – it’s still a bubbling river under the earth’s surface but we are getting stronger, louder and more powerful. We all know what happens when big water wants to break barriers and bull – there is no stopping this river! 🙂
By the way – I could use that drink right about now! These banksters will drive us all to drink!

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