Why can’t we realize this: We’re ALL Murray’s NOW!


I’m writing this not to blame anyone, but just trying to understand why we can’t come together as the people and help each in our darkest moments? Sometimes that help can consist of one’s ability to listen, or to give a hug, or to just say – I understand….But sometimes, that help needs to be monetary, just like now with the case of the Murray family. As of now, only Diadrian (MajyckRadio) and I have donated money and were able to pay for their hotel until Monday, June 3rd – 11:00 am. They’re fighting, constantly fighting to find a long-term solution for their family, and until then they need our help…I’m just thinking that the majority of us can put aside $5 or $10 and that would be enough to keep this family together for now. Here is the link to the MayckRadio with the paypal donation button for this family – you don’t need a paypal account to donate money, you can use your debit/credit card.
PLEASE DONATE: if you have a bank card with visa or mastercard logo you’re good – there is an option on bottom left for people that do not have a paypal acct:

Here is a message that Matt sent me this morning and asked me to share it with all of you:

Matt Murray:“I just got off the phone with our good friend Diadrian who most people know as Majyck D from her radio show. Check her out on the net. Dee mentioned in the course of our conversation, that people have told her we don’t look like the typical image of someone who’s just been through eviction. I knew exactly what she meant. When people think of foreclosure, they often think of a particular “group” of people. Amazingly, it’s always one other than themselves. The media has done a pretty effective job to propagate a certain image of foreclosure victims as well. They often subtly suggest that maybe “these” people deserved it. People often think of inner city and minorities as being the primary people that are experiencing foreclosures. Even if this were true – why should it matter? Is one person worth less than another simply because they don’t belong to “your group”? Let me answer that for you if you’re in question. The answer is “NO”! People divide themselves because of race, social standing, vocation and the list goes on. That kind of thinking will destroy us. Even if there is a disproportionate amount of foreclosures in the metropolitan areas, does it exempt us from caring and fighting against bank corruption on their behalf? There are obviously more people living in these areas, so it only makes sense there are more foreclosures. I don’t know anyone who would say, “There are more women in a certain area so they are more deserving to be raped!” That would be ludicrous! But it’s also a unspeakable violation to have one’s house illegally taken from them. We know! It just happened to us! We were robbed of our home!! So it’s not about white or black or brown or blue. It’s not about income or social standing. We need to stop finding reasons to justify our separation and start realizing we’re all part of each other. If we don’t, I guarantee you the corruption will continue and succeed! We’re ALL of the human race! It doesn’t matter if the bank stole a $30,000 home or a $500,000 home – they still stole it!!! It’s far too easy to divorce yourself from the responsibility to care about the lives that are being destroyed by illegal evictions if you’ve determined that this could never happen to you. It’s easier to convince yourself that somehow “those” people did something wrong and deserved it. It’s comforting to deceive oneself into the lie that “this could never happen to me because I’m responsible”. If you believe that, as they said in the MATRIX, you took the wrong pill and your still in the MATRIX. I know personally of a doctor who had his mortgage with Citibank. He had a million dollars sitting in an account and never missed a payment. The bank accused him of missing a tax payment and is now foreclosing on him. I know personally of another case in which the trust the bank said the house was in didn’t even exist and yet the house was awarded to the bank by the judge, even after the FCC verified the trust was fictitious. The banks are getting away literally crimes against humanity. It may be hidden, but they are destroying lives with the help of corrupt courts because only a handful of people are stepping up to the plate. We need to stop giving lip service and take action. We can’t keep acting like everything is ok when it isn’t. We need to stop saying, “Oh, I’m so sorry this happened to you” and take action. We need to stand with our neighbors and friends instead of judging them. We need to take a few minutes out of our busy days and call our congress people, our senators. We need to write letters and tell everyone we know to do the same. Change can and will come, but only because we as a whole demand it! Complacency is an enemy of the soul and must be defeated. Victory can only come from standing against the wrong until it no longer exist!”

BofA Commits Fraud and Claims Murrays Are Still In Litigation After Eviction!

The Murray family (Codlwater, MI) was evicted on Tuesday, May 14th – but their fight for justice is not over yet.  Please send the letter below to Gretchen Morgenson (The New York Times) at: Gretchen@nytimes.com  and ask her to cover the Murray’s story, a story that is happening to so many families in our country.  Please do it today for them, because tomorrow you may end up in the same situation, just realize that we’re all Murray’s now!
*Feel free to personalize your letter.

Beverly and Matthew Murray resided at 733 Blackfoot Ct., Coldwater, MI, 49036 with their family. They were wrongfully evicted on Tuesday, May 14th, 2013. Like so many others in Michigan and across the country, they were lured into a sub-prime predatory loan. After experiencing a decrease in income, they approached the bank repeatedly to be provided a reasonable loan modification.

During this same time period their 11-year-old daughter became gravely ill based on an undetected Type I diabetes medical condition.. They needed a reasonable modification even more, due to excessive medical bills resulting from our daughter’s hospitalization and subsequent ongoing medical care. Instead, they received forbearance and their payments were raised by hundreds of dollars each month, forcing them into foreclosure. During the course of litigation, they paid $43,000.00 into a court escrow account, demonstrating they could have remained in their home had they been given the modification Bank of America offered them in their letters. Bank of America was awarded THE ENTIRE FORTY-THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS on April 24th, 2013, and the judge ordered eviction in 10 days.

Bank of America received billions of dollars in federal funding which was to be used to carry out modifications to “help” borrowers. But BoA has never even attempted to work out anything with them, despite their numerous requests for a modification and letters from Bank of America indicating that they would provide one.  After producing a video describing their saga with BoA, people across America have gotten behind them. Please go here to view the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3roMUPIYz3A

After scores of phone calls and letters went out on their behalf, Bank of America sent them two letters indicating they were desirous of providing a modification. They called regularly, but BoA refused to speak with them on the grounds they were in litigation. Around April 26th, when they finally did speak to someone who seemed to care, they were told there was an open case for review for modification. Faith Quist, Consumer Advocate from the Office of the President for BoA, even opened a fresh case. They have never been allowed to speak with her again, nor anyone else who seemed the least willing to help. In the days that followed, they called to continue pursuing this matter.

Each representative told them that this was in litigation and they could not speak with the Murrays. The problem was, the final hearing was on April 24th 2013. Eviction had already been ordered, meaning we were obviously not in litigation anymore and the case was closed. Regardless, subsequent phone calls to BoA resulted in the same answer: “We cannot speak with you because you are in litigation”. They have asked each time they’ve called, that BoA correct this, and have been promised the litigation department was notified and it would be removed. It never was however.

Keeping their file marked “in litigation” was a sly strategy BoA used to prevent them from pursuing a modification until they could be rid of them on eviction day.. They were thrown out of their home with all our belongings on May 14th. After seeing realtors at their home today May 23rd, 2013, they called Bank Of America again to ask why they have been prevented from pursuing the modification that was offered. BoA still had not removed the “in litigation” tag on their file and BoA refused to speak with them. It is evident BoA did not want the Murrays to be able to communicate with them. The Murrays spoke with Desiree Lloyd in the Office of the President on May 17th. She told them that new case for modification review was opened on May 8th for them and that Jewel Daily was to have contacted them, but that it was subsequently closed because, again – they were in litigation.

This is bullying and thievery at its worst. It is duel tracking and it is BANK FRAUD! Their contact today, Shawn Dempsey, also from the Office of the President and reached at 1-877-877-2670, is who confirmed that they have never been removed from litigation status and that all communication must be done counsel to counsel. The Murrays have sent numerous letters through their attorney as well, but the banks counsel, attorney Bill Asimakis of Clark Hill in Detroit informed their counsel in writing, there has never been an open case for modification review. This is a lie. He does not deny however, there is no litigation in this matter.

Their loan number is: 023732976. They are currently living in a neighbor’s home until Thursday, May 23rd, but after that they are uncertain where we will go. This is typical behavior for Bank of America with millions of borrowers. Whatever you may be able to do to expose this corruption will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

* * * * * *

Here is also the link to Matt Murray’s interview on my blogtalk radio program – Foreclosure Fraud Survivors from Saturday, May 18, 2013:


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